“After earning my Associate of Arts degree at FVTC, I transferred to Lakeland University and couldn’t be happier with my decision. Lakeland's BlendEd format provides me with the flexibility I need in my busy life.  The transfer process was very easy and Lakeland uses the Blackboard system just like FVTC, so there was no need to learn how to use a new system. Best of all, the staff at Lakeland made the effort to remember my name and always made me feel important. It is evident they truly care about their students.”

 - Jody Suess

“I began taking classes at Lakeland University after I graduated from Fox Valley Technical College with an associate’s degree. I really wanted to get my bachelor’s degree to advance my career, but it is very difficult to do with a family and a full-time job. I talked with the knowledgeable, caring people at Lakeland about transferring my associate’s degree in electrical mechanical technology to the accounting program at Lakeland. The transfer process was very seamless and quick. The classes at Lakeland are offered at locations and times that fit perfectly into my busy schedule as a working adult. All of the professors at Lakeland have careers in the subject they are teaching, and they are able to bring real experiences to the classroom – which is very educational. I have since graduated from Lakeland with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and I am now in the MBA program. The education I have received at Lakeland has greatly changed my life by opening career doors that were previously out of reach.”

 - Ron Van Laarhoven

“My first encounter with Lakeland representatives during an Accounting Club meeting at FVTC helped me decide right then I was going to transfer to Lakeland. The Lakeland reps not only provided helpful information about the university; they also helped me personally make the easy transition from FVTC to Lakeland. Almost all of my credits transferred, and I had the option to choose my classroom format (online, live class or in-class). The Blackboard format was very similar to FVTC’s Blackboard. My adviser always had my best interests at heart, helping me pick classes that worked with my schedule as a full-time worker and mother, advising me on the order I should take my classes and encouraging me through a hard class.”

 - Alexis Hill

“My transition from FVTC to Lakeland has been a great experience. I was able to transfer most of the credits from FVTC. Getting in contact with someone at Lakeland to get the transfer process going was convenient. I was able to set up an appointment to meet with an advisor at a time that worked with my busy schedule, and I got started with classes right away.”

- Celene Cendejas Cachu

“Transferring from FVTC to Lakeland was a very easy process.  I went to FVTC for an official transcript and they sent it to Lakeland. I met with a helpful, friendly Lakeland advisor, who explained to me exactly what credits transferred to LU, and from there I was able to plan my future at Lakeland. I knew exactly what classes I had to complete for my degree. The flexibility of the coursework at Lakeland is wonderful.  You have the option to go to class each week or do your work online.  I especially loved this option on the not-so-nice winter nights. 

My overall experience at Lakeland was more than I could have asked for.  I never had one bad experience with an instructor. They are all willing to help you with assignments, exams or any questions you may have. The staff and instructors truly care about your future and success at Lakeland. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience.  If I ever decide to go back for my master’s degree, there is no doubt I will again choose Lakeland.”

- Julie Grafmeier