"I earned my associate degree from MPTC in 1986. In 2013, my 1986 credits transferred, and I began as a junior at Lakeland. I would not have gotten my bachelor’s degree if my credits wouldn’t have transferred so easily. In 2017, I completed my bachelor’s degree while working full time. Lakeland’s format was great for my busy schedule and health issues. The staff is caring and helpful and made me feel special and supported every step of the way.  I have the privilege of working at MPTC, and when staff from Lakeland come to MPTC, they still greet me personally."

- Kim Harrington

"About a year ago, I realized after graduation I wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree in some type of management. My goal was to choose a school that would transfer the most amounts of credits and, of course, provide the cheapest cost per credit. During my search, I was matched with an advisor from Lakeland who went above and beyond answering all of my questions. She had me well on my way before I even completed my MPTC coursework. I graduated from MPTC in Fall 2017 with an associate degree in medical office management. Lakeland’s technology is easy to use, grades are posted timely and the tools to complete the coursework are readily available. I am happy with my decision to become a Lakeland University student and pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in healthcare management."

- Shannon Cotton

"As I was finishing my associates degree in accounting through Moraine Park Technical College in the spring of 2014, I had considered a transfer to a four-year institution, but was hesitant to do so because of what I assumed would be an endless amount of document requests between me and the two transferring schools. I visited Lakeland and was amazed at the personal response I received. My admissions advisor guided me through each of my credits and how they would transfer, then we mapped out a prospective program to ensure that I graduated within two years of my transfer. I talked with my future academic advisor that day to discuss the accounting program. In less than two hours, the decision had already been made that Lakeland would be my future home. Two years later, I was graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. I cherished the experience so much that I now work for the university!"

- Tom Panzer