"Returning to school after 33 years seemed daunting at the time. Lakeland’s BlendEd program has given me the option of attending the classes that I needed to attend in person or participating online. A generous amount of credits that I earned at NWTC transferred to Lakeland, reducing the amount of time that it has taken me to obtain my bachelor’s degree. My instructors genuinely want their students to succeed, and will help you reach your goal. With the support of the instructors and my advisor, it was easy to make the decision to continue at Lakeland and work toward a master’s degree."

- Tresa Harry


"As the owner of a small business, the courses I took gave me a broad skill set to effectively manage daily business operations, achieve objectives and reach goals. Professors were enthusiastic when presenting and teaching course material, which engaged and motivated me. As a student who worked full time, I especially appreciated the flexibility and convenience that BlendEd offered. It was a great option, allowing me to maintain a healthy balance between work, school and recreational pleasures. I would highly recommend Lakeland to anyone seeking to obtain a quality education with a focused and dedicated staff committed to ensuring students are successful and satisfied."

- Diane Le Roy


"I had always wanted to return to school to obtain my bachelor’s degree, but with raising two sons and working full time, I was not sure how I would do it. The flexibility of Lakeland’s program allowed me to attend most of my classes on-site with the option to attend online if the need presented itself. Most of my NWTC credits transferred, and I only needed 60 credits from Lakeland to earn a bachelor of arts degree in accounting and business administration.  I have always done well in school and completing my degree with Lakeland provided a boost to my self-confidence and my abilities. I enjoyed going back to school so much I decided to pursue an MBA. I passed all four parts of the exam on the first try and not only was a CPA, but also had my MBA. I credit the experience and knowledge I obtained from my classes at Lakeland to assist me in tackling this hefty endeavor while working full time."

- Cheryl Lautenbach