Lakeland University


  • With the NWTC to LU program you now have an affordable, flexible college degree option close to home. As a NWTC to LU student you first complete your associate degree at NWTC and then go to earn your bachelor’s at Lakeland.


  • We keep it personal and meaningful with a 15:1 student-to-teacher ratio. That adds up to countless ways to benefit from one-on-one faculty interactions, and encourages mentoring that lasts a lifetime.


  • Classes are carefully scheduled and students work closely with advisors to ensure the best possible scheduling options…all so you can graduate on your timeline.


  • As a Lakeland graduate, you can expect to move forward in your career. Graduates become stronger candidates for new positions and for promotions to higher levels of responsibility and compensation. A bachelor’s degree from Lakeland University opens doors at all levels for hundreds of graduates each year. Our Career Development Office can offer you helpful advice and excellent resources so that you can be more effective in a job search, secure a position of interest and remain focused on your career goals.


  • One-on-one interactions are always the norm. It’s how we nurture the potential of each student and help overachievers thrive. Plus, your Lakeland advisor offers help any time to navigate class schedules, clarify degree requirements and encourage you to the finish line.


  • Lakeland accepts as many of your earned credits as possible—all the way up to 72—to put you ahead of the game, right from the start. There’s nothing better than getting credit for the hard work you’ve already invested in your education.


  • Lakeland offers all the most flexible ways to get a college education. We call this remarkable learning opportunity BlendEd®. You’ll simply call it the most flexible and convenient way to earn a degree—on your own terms, on your own time, anywhere you want to learn. Only BlendEd® lets you choose your learning options each and every week—whether to attend classes in person, online, remotely, or watch recorded classes whenever it’s most convenient for you.


      • Lakeland offers a 10% honors tuition discount to transfer students that are PTK members or have achieved a GPA of 3.5 or higher. The discount is renewable if the student maintains continuous enrollment and good academic standing.
        Click here to see if you are eligible!

To Be Eligible For the PTK & Honors Discount:

      • Discount begins August 2018; 2017-18 technical college graduates will qualify for discount.
      • Students must start at Lakeland within 3 semesters of graduation.
      • Respective technical college credits must be the last credits earned.
      • Discount cannot be in addition to any other Lakeland discounts.
      • Must attend one of the technical college’s in our Tech2LU partnership:
        • Chippewa Valley Technical College
        • Fox Valley Technical College
        • Lakeshore Technical College
        • Moraine Park Technical College
        • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
        • Gateway Technical College
        • Blackhawk Technical College


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